As a child, I grew up in a family of artists. Back in these days, my mother was an actress. My father was a director. Every other day, my house would become some backstage place for Marry Poppins or Snow White wonder worlds. I was raised in a place full of imagination, costumes, decoration and fairy tales. I’ve never cut those bonds and every piece I create is somehow inspired by my background. My two grand-mothers handmade clothes for me and my sister. I would always sit with them, watch them create, wishing one day I could do as well as they did. I actually did try, using my mother’s curtains or my father’s shirts.

When we moved to NY, I felt it was time to start a new story, that would combine French design, American comfort and Romanian craft: Mademoiselle a Soho was born. The line is produced in Romania, on a limited scale in a family owned sewing shop. Our natural fabrics are made in Europe and handcrafted with care for a high quality children clothing design. Our unique knits are hand made by passionate grannies, every piece has its story. We choose meticulously our italian yarns for a chic and authentic clothing.


What I’ve been told from parents who like the style of Mademoiselle à Soho, is that it makes their child remarkable by the particular style they have, but also that their kids love wearing my clothes as they fit to their busy day to day activity.


Enjoy MaS as I enjoy creating it for you, for your children for the people you love.


Alexana B